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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Olivia ForthOlivia Forth
Incredibly Happy
Always willing to help explain things if not completely understood and able to take another approach if not understood. Couldn't have asked for more.

Hannah FordhamHannah Fordham
Thanks for everything!
Daniel was very helpful in gaining my confidence as I started, having never gotten in the driver's seat before. Daniel made me feel at ease and I could rely on him to tell me my do's and don'ts. Moreover, whenever I got nervous Daniel knew how to calm the bad situation. I feel in myself confident to drive alone, which is all one can ask for. I was supplied with a workbook which was very useful, as well as online practice.

Russell EnsingRussell Ensing
Excellent Instructor
Very patient and helpful. The workbook also was an excellent way of tracking progress and also a great way for me to learn at home, making lessons more effective and efficient.

Paul MilhauPaul Milhau
I really enjoyed working with Mr Wolf
Learning with Daniel is always clear as he is the most patient person I have met. His explanations are very precise and he always adapted his explanations for me. I thank him very much for his work with me.

James HopgoodJames Hopgood
Semi-intensive course success
Daniel was a fantastic driving instructor throughout my learning process. Each lesson Daniel would allow me to decide on what aspect of driving I wanted to learn/focus/improve on. Daniel also gave me constructive feedback when needed and used a range of methods (workbook, video, demonstrate) to aid my learning. Daniel showed great patience with me, and on my third attempt, I finally passed. I cannot recommend Daniel enough to new and existing learners. The LDC pathway is great for new learners, as the workbook breaks up driving into a number of sections with explanations and demonstrations of how to perform each movement. There is a push for self-learning with the school, which aids in retention of what you are learning. Thanks again Daniel.

Karolina Kurinskaite
Daniel was great!
Very understanding, patient and clear on instructions. Made lessons great fun. A pass, all thanks to Daniel. Could not recommend more. Thank you!

Thomas McBoyleThomas McBoyle
Semi-intensive course success
Daniel has been an excellent instructor through the entire course of me learning to drive. His explanations of how to approach new situations are clear and concise. He's always been willing to answer my (extensive!) questions, and retains a perfectly calm attitude throughout. These things combined led to me leaving the lessons feeling confident in the new things covered and always looking forward to the next. He genuinely made learning to drive a pleasure I never thought it could be - I can't recommend him enough. As for the LDC system itself, it really feels like the "right" way to learn - learning "what" to do before the lesson means you can focus on the "how" during, which feels much more natural and quicker. The online and physical resources the LDC provide are also fantastic, both for theory and practical driving. Thank you, Daniel - I couldn't have had a better instructor.

Zoe McBoyleZoe McBoyle
First time pass
I cannot praise Daniel as an instructor enough. From dreading learning to drive, assuming I'd only ever manage it in an automatic, to passing in a manual car first time it feels like he worked a miracle. Always so kind and patient, he had the perfect mentality and personality that made it not only easy but a pleasure to learn with him. The LDC method with workbook, videos and structured student centred learning really benefited me as well. I liked learning about what we would tackle on our next lesson beforehand and I believe it definitely helped me progress faster. The resources for the theory test were also very helpful. I would recommend Daniel and the LDC approach to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Tom HewittTom Hewitt
Semi-intensive course success
Daniel kept me calm at all times, making it easier to drive. He always knew when to give pointers and tips, and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing at all times.

Thomas FordhamThomas Fordham
First-time pass
Absolutely amazing instructor. Really helpful, in-depth instructions. Explained everything clearly. Helped boost my confidence as an independent driver. Would recommend LDC and Daniel to anyone.

Dale HoldingDale Holding
First-time pass
Daniel was instrumental in making me pass. The LDC book and DVD really helped me along the way and I can't thank Daniel enough. He's been by my side every step of the way. I'm glad I took my lessons with Daniel and would recommend to anybody.

James CarrJames Carr
Daniel is a very nice man
Using the Workbook, it meant I could get on with driving as soon as I set foot in the car. Daniel was very helpful when needing to know advice while driving and lets you choose what you do in your lessons. Lessons were never quiet and always enjoyable. I would, and have, recommended Daniel!

Shane Mitchell
My instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, calm and reassuring. His teaching methods enabled me to pass quickly and learn as much as I could during the process. Daniel was a brilliant instructor.    

Sam Kitching
Very good, calm, and helped with any nerves. Also helped a lot with driving and especially mirrors and manoeuvres. I liked the LDC book as you could see your progress and could see the rules and show me tell me questions. I also thought Daniel explained what I needed to do before we did it, very well, which helped with confidence.

Jillian Sagar
Semi-intensive course success
Daniel is a true professional & gentleman. A calming & patient individual who relaxes even the most stressed person, so they may learn everything he has to teach! Genuinely nice person with a great sense of wit humour. The information & books/DVDs etc given, are thorough & informative and I'm delighted to have passed!

Emma Sorby
I started my driving lessons with Daniel on the 8th of February 2019 and passed my practical driving test on the 27th of March 2019. I had previously had 15 lessons 6 years ago with other instructors from numerous driving schools. Now back in England 6 years later, I needed to drive ASAP. Daniel is the perfect, most professional driving instructor I have come across. His positivity and support helped me build up the courage to move forward and quickly pass my driving test. From the very first home visit through to even after passing my driving test Daniel has made driving enjoyable, stress free and extremely productive. I could not have imagined this to be as comfortable as this experience has been and has actually been very enjoyable. Thank you Daniel for having belief in me, giving me the confidence and constant support that was needed. *I highly recommend to ever learner driver out there!*

Will JenningsWill Jennings
Passed 1st time
Thanks again Daniel, I appreciate everything and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!